Your kid’s first birthday will always be the most important celebration for the whole family, especially if it’s your first child’s. There’s no doubt that you’d be a little bit nervous, or even freak out over the preparation. You want everything to be perfect, but you also don’t know where to start. No worries, since here’s a checklist for a memorable first birthday party.
first birthday party checklist

How To Plan A First Birthday Party

For a child, their one-year-old birthday marks the first time for everything – birthday cakes, gifts and of course, a new age. Seeing your baby having fun with the new toys and the exciting atmosphere is the biggest reward for any mother.
However, preparing for the party can certainly be stressful. You might find yourself over-worrying and forgetting that this party is meant to be enjoyable for everyone – including you. Thus, we’ve compiled an ultimate checklist to help you plan the perfect party without any hassle.
In order to have the best arrangement, we suggest that you start planning the party about 1-2 months prior to the date. You might be thinking that it’s a bit far ahead, but we can assure you that there will be less stress involved. This will give moms enough time to go over multiple options and get the party items gradually.
first birthday party checklist
Another thing moms need to remember is that you shouldn’t fuss over every tiny detail. It’s best to be prepared for as many possible situations as possible, rather than stressing about one thing that’s not going your way. Include a few alternatives to your original plan, so that you always have backups just in case.
Without any further ado, let’s go into a more detailed checklist for the best 1st birthday party.

What To Prepare For Your Kid’s 1st Birthday Party

First birthday party checklist: 1-2 months before the party

Set the date, time and location

Having the specific schedule to plan for will make it easier not just for you, but also for your guests. They will have the rough idea of when the party will be held, so that they can make prior arrangements. This is even more important if your kid’s birthday falls in a busier time of the year. You also need to decide whether you prefer throwing the party at your house or rent a venue, so that you can proceed with the needed preparations.

Have a party theme in mind

This will help a lot with the decorations and deciding a dress code. It’s completely fine if you want just a simple, intimate party. However, if you decide to go big and make it a memorable event, it’s better to come up with a theme you prefer.
first birthday party checklist

Compile a guest list

Determine how many people you wish to attend the party. Is it just your parents and siblings’ families, or you want to invite your friends as well? This will make it easier to decide other matters as well, such as the venue and the budget. Send your guests an early notice to see if they are available on the day of the party or not.

Set a suitable budget

Finally, prior research about pricing and good budget management helps eliminate a lot of stress. You might want to set aside the biggest portion to cover food, venue and decors. There should be an extra amount for back-up plans and other sudden expenses if any.

First birthday party checklist: 1-2 weeks before the party

Finalize the event’s date and confirm guests’ availability

Now that the party is coming close, it’s time to set the specific date and time. Send invites to your guests and confirm with them whether they’ll be able to attend or not. You will need this info to plan your party venue.

Plan the dining menu and food preparation

It’s definitely important to know what you want to serve the guests and how you will cook them. Are you doing the cooking by yourself? Do you need help from other family members, or need the help of a catering service?
first birthday party checklist
There are foods that need more than a day to prepare, but there are ready-made party foods for you to choose from. It all depends on you to decide which suits the party and preparation process better.

Prepare the needed decorations

Start ordering or buying the necessary decors. Once you’ve received the different decorations, organize them by categories (tableware, party garlands, party hats…). This way, you can quickly place them out on the day of the party.

Order the birthday cake

The birthday cake is surely the soul of the party. Thus, if you want it to be perfect just the way you like, consider placing an order as soon as possible. This will ensure that the bakery is well-prepared and delivers the best product. Schedule the pickup date 1 day prior to the party, so that you won’t be in a rush on the actual date.

Plan the entertainments

It’s not a party with some fun activities, especially if there are other children coming. Prepare a few games that anyone in the family can join, or something to keep the children occupied. You can book an entertainer as well.

First birthday party checklist: 1-2 weeks before the party

Now that the party is finally coming close, you just need to do a few final things:
  • Clean the house/check the venue of the party
  • Take out the decorations and hang them up early if needed
  • Pick up the birthday cake
  • Get all meal ingredients, party snacks and drinks
  • Start preparing the food
  • Prepare the appropriate number of tableware
  • Charge your cameras

Day of the party

On the final day, make some final touches to the decorations, set the tables and get the food heated up. And you’re all done! You now have time to talk to the guests and enjoy the fun party without any hassle.
If you need a more visualized version of the 1st birthday party checklist, we have it here for you to download and print out.
1st birthday party checklist
We hope that you find the checklist helpful, and you’ll have the best time celebrating your kid’s big day. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below!

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