Having a teenage kid sure is complicated. They think they’re all grown up and don’t need their parents to tell them what to do. While in reality, the decisions they make are still childish and spontaneous. You don’t want them to misbehave, but at the same time, you don’t want to accidentally hurt their feelings. Therefore, these are life hacks for teenagers and parents who are struggling to understand each other.
life hacks for teenagers

Becoming A Teenager

We all know that the teenage phase of any kid’s life will be the most crucial, yet the hardest period for moms to deal with. The child’s behavior starts to change, along with moodiness and stubbornness. Though this is mostly because of the change in their hormones, the problems can be hard to solve.
Your child at an age where they’re trying to prove their independence and search for their own identity. But the way they portray that pursuit makes them seem rude and rebellious. Their emotions are constantly up and down, and they suddenly feel the need to challenge existing rules.
Becoming a teen means your kid can have these common traits:
life hacks for teenagers
  • Being moody and aloof
  • Unusually hot-headed and argumentative
  • Hate conforming to rules
  • Don’t engage with their family as much as they used to
  •  Prefer locking themselves in their room, doing their own thing

What Is The Hardest Part Of Being A Teenager?

The behaviors we just mentioned are actually quite normal, and you have mostly nothing to worry about. They’re surely troublesome to deal with, though, and might give you quite a bit of shock. Well, who wouldn’t be.
It’s as if their first birthday was only yesterday, and at that time you’re the best mom in the world to them. The next thing you know, your teen is shutting you out of their life.
However, if you notice that their change in personality has negative effects on your child’s well-being, intervene right away. Depression, aggression and juvenile delinquency are a few examples.
Teens are so ‘troubled’ because even they themselves don’t understand why they act this way. Instead of talking about their problems, they choose to conceal the insecurities and try to be independent.
Being open and true to their feelings is now extremely difficult for them. They might go through stress and anxiety if they can’t find a way to let out the negative thoughts. In fact, the number of teen depression cases has been rising at a concerning rate.
Thus, the hardest part of being a teenager is having to struggle with sudden changes in their body and their mind. They have yet to understand why these changes happen, while desperately seeking for their true self.
At this stage, how you react to your kid’s behaviors can greatly affect them. That’s why you might need these life hacks for teenagers and their moms.
life hacks for teenagers

Life Hacks For Teenagers And Moms: How To Raise A Good Teen

Dealing with a moody teen is never easy – but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Many of them act out just because they lack communication with others, and especially with you. You need to show them how to solve a problem without making a scene or overreact.
Here are some life changing parenting tips and life hacks for the temperamental teen:

1. It’s all about compromising

Don’t set up rules for teens without listening to their point of view. You know they’re more likely to break them if they’re not satisfied with the amount of freedom they’re given.
As a parent, you have to set responsibility and limits for them so they don’t cross the line. However, you also need to listen to the teen – to what extent are they comfortable with your standards?
life hacks for teenagers
Have a talk and come to a mutual agreement upon household principles, such as curfew, internet usage and chores. There might be a high chance that you’ll both run into conflicts with each other. But it’s better than not taking your kid’s opinions into consideration at all.

2. Don’t monitor them too much

All moms want the best for their child, but there’s no benefit in being a helicopter parent. The teen will feel suffocated by your obsession over their life and their grades.

If you sense that something is not right with your kid’s grade and behavior, be patient and explain why academic records/manners are important. Show them the rewards and consequences, and if they fail, encourage them to get back on their feet.

life hacks for teenagers

3. Be consistent

Nothing teens hate more than you agreeing to one thing and go back on your words the next day. But consistency also goes the other way – if your teen previously had a deal with you, they have to fulfill the agreement as well. Don’t waver of give in to them just because you think they’re still kids.

4. Set certain time to spend together

One of the rules you should compromise about with your teenager is to set a certain time to hang with the family. It can be eating dinner together as much as possible, or watching a TV show during weekends.

This is a gentle yet effective way to bring the teen out of their room. Remember, you don’t have much time left with them until they’re off to college. Some teens do regret not having spent more time with their parents.

life hacks for teenagers

5. Take them out once in a while

Want your child to open up more about teenage problems? Why don’t you set up a shopping date, or go on a trip together? This will strengthen the bond between you two, and free the teen’s mind a bit after their stressful lessons. Strike regular conversations and get them to spill the beans!

6. Finally, be a ‘cool’ mom

Knowing a little about current teenage trends and preference will definitely boost the relationship between you and your kid. You’ll even have relatable things to talk about when their friends visit as well. Do some research on your own or ask your teen directly. Just remember to be understanding and respectful towards what they love.
life hacks for teenagers

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