Most of us have at least once asked ourselves, how to live an interesting life? How do we make our days on earth more pleasurable and fascinating?
Not everyone can easily say that they’re truly having a fun, exciting life. Many people find themselves stuck in a loop of familiar patterns over and over again. There’s hardly anything new going on, as they have traded off the excitement for a stable, peaceful life instead.
This is even more relatable for moms who think they have fulfilled their duties in life. They got used to their routine of making a living while caring for the kids, without trying to make any changes.
But why do we think that a more thrilling life is difficult to achieve? Is it really that hard to make life more intriguing? Let’s look at this post from Happy Mommy Box to find out.

How To Make Life More Interesting

Some people think that life is nothing more than trying to make as much money as possible. Some believe that life is miserable because they aren’t given the same privileges and benefits as others. Many even blame the unhappiness on themselves because they think they aren’t capable enough.
However, this is exactly what’s holding you back from enjoying the present, and living life to the fullest. 
There’s nothing wrong with striving for a better, more stable life. But sometimes, you have to break away from your recurring routines and way of thinking. When you think and act differently, your life also gradually changes.
how to live an interesting life
Don’t keep insisting that the more money you have, the more you can enjoy your life. It’s true that wealth can buy you valuable experience and opportunities, but only to an extent. There’s no need to miss out on chances to enjoy life just because you want to earn more.
If you find that your life is getting meaningless and boring, think about what you enjoy. You might find yourself spending so much time taking care of the kids that there’s not a moment for you to do what you love anymore.
However, if you truly take pleasure in doing something, don’t be discouraged from pursuing it. Instead of doing everything at once, save a certain amount of time everyday just for yourself to do what you love.
There are definitely things you’ve never tried, and places you’ve never been to. Many possibilities are out there for you to explore. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them and learn how to make your life more exciting. Life is boring simply because your mind set is never changing.

How To Live An Interesting Life: Change Your Perspective

Changes may not be easy, especially on the way you think. You might be so familiar with a certain mindset, that it has become a habit you don’t want to break away from. However, it all comes down to whether you genuinely want to change or not.
These are a few ways to alter those stubborn thoughts you might be having:

1. Don’t compare yourself with others

Has life ever given you any ‘rules’ to how you should live it and made you follow those rules? The answer is certainly “no”, and that’s how you need to perceive it.
Other people may be more wealthy, more talented and happier than you. But that’s THEIR life. You can’t ever expect to have the exact same life as they do. However, you can definitely make your life exciting in a way others can’t experience as well.
At the same time, try not to think about other people’s opinion on you. You’re the one responsible for your life, so why follow the instructions of someone else?

2. Be more considerate

When you’re being considerate of people around you, you unconsciously find it more pleasurable than just doing things for your own benefit. Taking other people’s feeling into consideration will let you explore a new joy in giving.

We know that you always have your child on top of your mind, and you might already feel that you’re giving them everything you have. But doing little yet nice things such as volunteering is still a good way to give without draining yourself.

how to live an interesting life

3. Stay away from negativities

It’s inevitable that you’ll run into things you don’t enjoy. You may notice that it’s surely easier to immerse in negative thoughts than positive ones. However, don’t be too obsessed with what’s holding you back. Rather, make it your motivation to change for the better and focus on what you love.
Once you look back to what you’ve achieved when you stop looking for negativities in life, you won’t want to return to your previous mindset.

How To Live An Interesting Life: Change Your Actions

To really change your view on life, you have to not just change the way you think, but also the way you act. These are some interesting things to do:

1. Stop wondering and start experiencing

Most of the time, people are held back from truly exploring other aspects of life because they keep asking themselves “what if” and never actually do it. The only way to see what possibilities life holds for you, is to take action instead of just thinking of what could be.
“How would I look in an aloha outfit?” Design your own Hawaiian shirt and wear it proudly. “Is it scary to go skydiving?” Book an appointment to find out. “Will I suit yoga?” Schedule a class and explore your ability. It’s always better to try and fail, rather than not doing anything at all.
how to live an interesting life

2. Say ‘yes’ more often

We all have certain things we want to explore, but we are usually afraid to step out of our comfort zone. Then, why not force yourself to say ‘yes’ to them? As long as they don’t have negative effects on your well-being, this will be the chance for you to really spice up your life.
Your friends ask you to go camping with them? Say that you’d love to join! The waiter asks if you want to try the new dish in their menu? Go for it!

3. Travel to new places

New cultures and sceneries will help you find the beauty and diversity of life. It’s also a way for you to throw yourself out there and overcome any fear you have.
how to live an interesting life
Challenge yourself by picking up the language of where you’re planning to go, even at a basic level. Set up your own schedule and accommodation rather than going with a tour group. This will definitely bring a whole new experience for you.
Travelling is also a way to relieve any stress and exhaustion of taking care of your children. Spend this precious time to enjoy yourself to the fullest, since you deserve it.

4. Create a bucket list

There’s no better way to keep track of what exciting things you’ve achieved and awesome things you want to do than a checklist. It’s always thrilling to have certain goals to meet, and waking up to a new adventure every day.
You can set your goal to pick up a new hobby, such as knitting or painting. Learn a new skill such as pottery, playing musical instruments or painting. Make a list of places you want to visit in the future. You’ll be amazed by how many things you have accomplished, as well as all the things you are able to do in the future.
how to live an interesting life
While there are so many answers on how to live an interesting life, the definition of ‘interesting’ is surely different from one person to another. Our final advice is to listen to your heart, and do whatever that makes you happy. That way, life will always be full of excitement and joy.

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