For a lazy person, his living room may be the only place that needs decorating. However, other people who have a keen eye for aesthetics and fashion will never overlook the importance of bedroom design, especially above bed decor. Whether it is just a touch of a colored headboard or an outstanding painting, those can play as a perfect piece of the pie to give a pleasing vibe to your personal space.

I know, the main point of a bedroom is usually the bed itself, and the style of bed frames as well as bed sheets, pillows still count significantly. Anyway, we can’t just have the bed overloaded with a bunch of ornaments and accessories. That’s where the over bed decor comes in, with the aim of adding more creativity to your bedroom enhancement, making use of the blank space above the bed. What and how you choose to handle it will give your room 

Eager to find out the best ways to give your bedroom the leverage to stand out of the ordinary, make it homier and inviting? Enlighten yourself with these brilliant above the bed wall decor ideas.

1. Pictures Over Bed

Commonly, putting a gallery above bed is among the easiest ways to embellish your bedroom. A simple painting or a whole collection, it’s all up to you. Some people like a range of framed artworks, photos in a variety of shapes and sizes which can well cater to their taste. Some others prefer minimalism, considering just a big single piece of art to be their only choice of wall decorations over beds.

Pro tips: For a gallery wall, determine a specific theme and color range before choosing the artworks. Make sure that they stay in sync with each other to pop perfectly against the blank wall. For a single picture, prioritize a large-scale artwork or canvas to catch the eye and highlight its texture.

2. Wallpaper Decor

Yes, don’t hesitate to put wallpaper in your favorite list of above bed decor ideas. Just as simple as filling the blank space over your bed with impressive wallpaper patterns, you can touch up your bedroom decor in an effective way. In combination with the aforementioned gallery wall, these are a great duo worth thrusting into the spotlight. 

By the way, there are a whole host of wallpaper styles to choose from: vintage, geometry, botanical patterns… And guess what, the manufacturing advancement these days has allowed them to be easily removed. Therefore, no need to worry about replacing them with a better idea when you get the chance.

3. Framed Map

Instead of photos, why not bring your wanderlust spirit to the room with a stunning map over your bed? Whether it is a colored map or a monochrome variation, choose wisely to fit in the whole ambient decor. The map frame can be taken advantage of to make it more striking. Are you into copper, or wooden, or a customized frame finished with graffiti patterns? Feel free to claim your creativity.

4. Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors not only bring a “spacious” illusion to your room but also become pleasing to the eye when serving the right purpose, such as above bed decor. Many people prefer a trio of mirrors, especially when deciding what to hang over bed in master bedroom. Mirrors are believed to give a minimal and elegant vibe without going out-of-fashion. Also, the homeowner can show originality by combining different styles of mirror frames, ranging from modern geometry to antique shapes. 

5. Over Bed Clock Decor

Sometimes, all you need is just a common piece of furniture to make your bedroom look more attractive. In this case, clocks are without a doubt among the most ideal options. However, don’t forget this one rule: If the clock appears to be elaborately designed, keep the other decor furniture as minimal as possible. Otherwise, the whole scene will become a bit messier and less fashionable than you thought. 

If you are still confused about an appropriate style of clock, check out this mid-century theme that has been reviewed in our blog post before. It includes a detailed guide for you to create a streamlined style for your house.

Another option to take is putting a group of clocks with various styles as an above bed wall decor. Then set them to the exact time zone of your favorite destination to visit in the future. Such a good way to remind yourself of the traveling spirit, isn’t it? 

6. Window Above Bed

According to conventional beliefs, it is not advisable to place your bed under a windowpane. However, some people still desire to break with tradition by having a window installed over bed. With the help of the scenery outside and a pair of curtain layers, it can become a natural way for your bedroom to make a lasting impression on everyone. If fixing up the wall to make room for another window seems impossible, you can always use a fake window frame as a decor alternative. 

7. Sconce Light

Like windows, sconces are favorable due to their diversity of designs as well as being useful for adding more light to your bedroom. There are a lot of sconce styles available on the market. They serve as both a reading lamp and an illuminating source of light for your adjacent artworks. Also, sconces are an affordable handy option for creating a calming or romantic theme in place of scented candles.

8.  Shelves Do the Best

Shelves deserve to be one of the first results that answer the question of what to put above bed. There is only one requirement to meet: Enough space. Nowadays, a set of shelves can be installed at ease. It helps to bring in more storage and provide more ways of decorating as well. Books, pictures, makeup accessories, or even a mini jungle of plants, all can fit in and serve as a cluster of ornaments. Yet, pay attention to the plant types since they must be capable of surviving well in your bedroom instead of craving for a great deal of sunlight.  

9. Framed Books Over the Bed

Framed books and pages are a great choice for above bed decor, not to mention the fact that people often make a DIY version at home to save more money. If you desire to have one, take a look at our previous article that discussed retro styles. That will offer you a quite comprehensive insight into vintage home decor. You can also learn how to create stunning wall art from thrift store books.     

Are these above bed decor ideas proved to be of help? Feel free to share more with us in our comment section below. Hope that you can actualize the dream of a dazzling bedroom in no time.

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