Playing sports is a physical activity that helps children improve their health, well-being, and learning. But, how to motivate a child in sports? Nowadays, many parents are dismayed to see their child sit too long on the bench or play computer games. This article will provide modern parents with a guide on how to motivate a child who is unmotivated.  Why do athlete kids gradually lose their interest in sports? Continue reading

Being a mom for the first time means you need to learn new things, but they are not easy to figure out on your own. It’s not uncommon to get the best advice from other parents. Here’s how to get started. We know some mothers out there might feel overloaded or even depressed for the first time being a mom. Below are helpful first time moms tips and tricks weContinue reading

Becoming a mother is like joining a private group in which many people will experience the same maternal challenges and joys. Mothering is like going to a club in which all people appear to grasp sleep deprivation naturally and parental seasons. But that does not mean all mothers are similar. There are different types of moms. And of course, each mother type will have distinctive motherly qualities. So, it isContinue reading