Becoming a mother is like joining a private group in which many people will experience the same maternal challenges and joys. Mothering is like going to a club in which all people appear to grasp sleep deprivation naturally and parental seasons. But that does not mean all mothers are similar. There are different types of moms.

And of course, each mother type will have distinctive motherly qualities. So, it is hard to find the definition of a good mother. You might wonder what type of mom you are. Keep reading to find out!

What Type Of Mom Are You?

The Helicopter Mom

Helicopter moms are those who are too concerned with their children. This type of mom often has a firm grip on most parts of her children’s lives. She is particularly concerned about their grades, safety, and growth. She’s hands-on and takes her position as a problem-solver for her children extremely seriously. Helicopter mothers are obsessed with reducing any harmful risks happening to their children.

What Type Of Mom Are You?

Hence, moms who don’t monitor their children’s every step are looked down upon by helicopter moms. 

While a majority of the helicopter mothers think that their loving, controlling character makes them better parents. In reality, children who never could decide for themselves or who were raised by parents who take over their lives, are usually less safe and feel depressed.

The Granola Mom (or Crunchy Mom)

The crooked mother wants to live as organically as possible. It is commonly seen with natural products and cloth diapers, sweets, organic shopping, bedding, and herbal remedies. 

This mother is really valuable. The crunchy mom has a wealth of information and tools for improving one’s health and relationships. The crunchy parent is there for us whether we need an alternative treatment or a wholesome meal suggestion.

The Free-range Mom

This is one of the ideal types of moms. This mom is totally opposite to the helicopter ones. 

What Type Of Mom Are You?

This mother enables her children to study and play independently with little supervision, depending on their kids’ age. When issues emerge, free-range moms often take a step back and offer counsel and support to their children when needed. They tend to let their babies explore the inevitable results of their decisions. The free-range parent prefers free-organized extracurricular activities than those that are carefully monitored.

The Competitive Mom

Mom is a competitive person in every way. If other types of moms claim that their kid began walking at the age of ten months, another mother will counter with the claim that her child began walking at the age of eight months.

This competitive mentality extends beyond good, sport-like rivalry among friends. It has the potential to be harmful.

What Type Of Mom Are You?

Friendships with competing mothers are difficult to form. Because sometimes, being a companion with a competitive mom does not offer the feel of being a friend. Their continuous comparisons stem from whether underlying anxieties or an overabundance of confidence in themselves make others feel like accessories.

The Hot Mess Mom

She is frequently late, dresses inside out, and is unsure of where all of her children are. She’s stressed from motherhood, and she hasn’t fully healed yet.

The hot mess mom isn’t always the most trustworthy person. She tries, but with her life already in such a tangle, she isn’t always able to accomplish all of her goals since she is barely keeping her head above water simply getting through the day.

Despite the fact that she is a hot mess, this sort of mother is typically unconcerned with the minor details of life. She considers it a nice day as long as everyone is alive.

The Perfect Mom

In contrast to a hot mess mom, A perfect mom is the one who is always on time. She is dressed impeccably, with no stains on her clothes and immaculate hair and cosmetics. Her children are likewise clean and well-dressed, and they are enjoying a healthy snack nicely without disturbing the parents’ talks. Crossing by a perfect mommy may make the rest of us feel inadequate.

What Type Of Mom Are You?

The First-Time Mom

The first mother decided to be a wonderful parent. She reads a ton of books, takes notes and does research, and always adheres to all safety guidelines and suggestions. “My doctors say…” or “this is not the way it was told to do the book.” She considers every type of toy that her infant can touch and anyone before they meet her child, need to use hand sanitizers.

The Tired Mom

She is tired. She is exhausted. A tired mother seems like a dazzled sleepy stumbling through life. Her tiredness goes farther than any mom who often loses sleep when a kid comes into their life. An exhausted mom often feels like they never sleep enough.

What Type Of Mom Are You?

She might be especially sensitive to the changes that a kid causes. Some people actually need considerably more rest than others, and when a kid arrives, these people plainly have difficulty.

Final thought

What type of mom are you? Maybe you are one of these, a combination of all or even none of these different types of mothers. 

But anyway, hopefully, this article can somehow help you know who you are more of when being a mom! Whatever types of moms you might be, being a mother is such a blessing!

If you can find out which one you are, let us know by leaving comments down below! Do you want to read more information about being a mom, you can browse through our article about Hobbies for moms in their 30s.

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